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diy terrazzo repair kit

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What's in the terrazzo repair kit:
the diy repair kit consists of everything you will need* to grind down nails, fill and repair holes and cracks, with or without aggregate. then grind, sand, hone and polish  your repair areas. 

for obvious reasons exact contents are not revealed, your kit contains but is not limited to the following:
#1. an velcro backer pad to run all the diamond pads.
#2. a set of diamond electroplated sanding pads.
#3. a set of diamond resin honing and polishing pads
#4. a set of grinding disks for leveling nails.
#5. enough 2 part tintable, sandable filler for your project.
#6. custom tint bottles so repairs match your floor.
#7. 1 pound bag of color matched terrazzo aggregate.
#8. burnishing pads
#9. spray buff
#10. assortment box of silicon carbide sanding discs
#11. a 5 inch sticky back driver pad
#12. and most important a step by step instruction manual.

this is a full repair kit.  you will be grinding down nails, filling and repairing holes and cracks then you will be diamond grinding, sanding, honing, and polishing your repair areas. 

the kit comes with very detailed instructions with step by step instructions on how to handle and operate the grinder, how to use the driver plate and diamond pads, as well as how to use the tints, aggregate and the 2 part epoxy filler.

the repair process can be done wet or dry, wet is preferred. a misting with a squirt bottle of water will suffice.

this kit easily covers a typical 3/2 home with perimeter divots from improperly removed carpet tack strip nails.

the price of the kit is $499.00 
buy the repair kit with the polishing kit together and save $200
*What's not in the kit:
(most everything you need can be purchased, used, cleaned and returned for a full refund in most stores)
#1. a variable speed grinder / polisher.
#2. a microfiber dry/wet dust mop.
watch the actual process being done by 1 person in 2 days
  • Slide Title

    grind down all your nails

  • Slide Title

    clean out your holes

  • Slide Title

    prepare your patch

  • Slide Title

    apply your patch

  • Slide Title

    continue filling all the holes

  • Slide Title

    sand and hone your patches and perimeters

  • Slide Title

    enjoy your gemstone floors
    (actual after pics)


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