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diy travertine (natural stone) diamond polishing kit

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What's in the kit:
The diy diamond polishing kit consists of everything* you will need to grind, sand, hone, polish and vitrify your terrazzo, natural stone or concrete floors. this kit has specialized pads and an adaptor for hard to reach places like behind toilets and in corners and edges. 

coverage: up to 1500 square feet of terrazzo and natural stone.
and 750 to 1000 square feet on smooth dense concrete slabs.

if you need a bigger or commercial grade kit then email me for a quote.

for obvious reasons exact contents are not revealed, your kit contains but is not limited to the following:
#1. a proprietary adaptor plate to run all the diamond pads.
#2. a set of diamond electroplated metal bond sanding pads.
#3. a set of diamond resin honing and polishing pads.
#4. a complete set of burnishing and vitrification pads.
#5. multi step mineral additives essential to the process.
#6. an adaptor/driver for corner and perimeter polishing.
#7. and most important a step by step instruction manual.

this is a full diamond restoration.  you will be sanding, honing, polishing, burnishing, vitrifying and polishing your floors.

the succession of diamond pads starts at 50 grit lippage / stock removal and goes all the way to 3000 grit resin. finishing with a dry, high gloss burnishing or "vitrification" with specialized pads that will transform your floors into jewelry you can walk on!

you will still need to rent a floor buffer from home depot or any of your local area tool rental companies. its around $45 a day or $150 a week. the tool rental attached to most Lowe's home improvement stores have a drop off and pick up service for the floor buffer you will need.

the kits comes with a very detailed instruction manual with step by step instructions on how to handle and operate the floor buffer, how to use all the driver plates and diamond pads, as well as how to use the chemicals and nutrients that are in the kit.

the restoration process is done slightly wet at first with a solution of water and different additives using the succession of diamond restoration pads supplied in the kit.

then the final steps are done dry including all the vitrification and burnishing stages where the silica on the surface is turned into glass and where you will see the transformation of your dull dingy floors into a highly polished art deco masterpiece.
*What's not in the kit:
(most everything you need can be purchased, used, cleaned and returned for a full refund in most stores)
#1. a clark low speed 17" floor buffer (home depot rental).
#2. a shop vac or wet vac.
#3. a variable speed grinder / polisher.
#4. a microfiber or dry dust mop.

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