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Attention General Contractors, Property Managers, Real Estate Developers, Etc...
Our Polishing Kits Will Save You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars

save thousands of dollars by NOT buying new flooring.
and then save thousands more by polishing your existing terrazzo, natural stone or concrete floors.

i was recently contacted by a facilities manager in Atlanta. 
his company outgrew their rented facility and recently purchased a 70,000 + square foot complex.
 there's 12,000 square feet of original terrazzo floors throughout the office part of the building.
 and a huge warehouse with concrete floors.

they researched in their local area for a company to come and restore the terrazzo floors.
the company came by and did a demonstration on a small room, the main entrance or lobby to the building.

the estimate from this company was $44,000 just to do the terrazzo floors. that's $3.66 per square foot.

i was flown out to atlanta to demonstrate my D.I.Y. kit on a similar sized area.
 i picked the room nearest the other test area so i can compare the two floors in one look.

in the picture below you can clearly see the local company's test area in the background,
 the existing terrazzo floor in the hallway shot in the middle,
 and our D.I.Y. kit test area in the front part.
needless to say the owner and senior staff were so impressed with our D.I.Y. test area vs the "Pro's"  test area 
they immediately purchased the remaining D.I.Y. materials,  continued to employ the temp staff i trained
 and did the entire job themselves, finishing days sooner than the original estimate gave.

 the end result was a total cost of under $15,000 instead of $44,000
thats a savings of: $29,000

the video below shows the room our DIY Kit was used  on and the two temporary laborers we trained.
here is why you need our services:

#1. professional restoration companies need to pay for workmans comp, 
insurance, rent, electricity, payroll and dont forget their PROFIT!

#2. professional restoration companies are going to use the 
exact same materials and methods as in our D.I.Y. KITS.

#3. anything not included in our kit can be rented from your local tool rental location.

#4. with temporary labor staffing, a paid training seminar and our D.I.Y. kit the average restoration cost is around $1 a sq. ft. compared to around $3 to $5 a sq. ft. or more for a professional restoration company to do it for you.

#5. the actual work involved requires VERY LITTLE SKILL there is a detailed
 step by step instruction manual as well as live tech support included with out D.I.Y. kits.
below are all the pics in a slideshow from the atlanta commercial restoration project.


then send me pictures, details, square footage, street address of job site,
 contact info etc.. and i will email you a quote asap.
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